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Tongue a creative Force Tongue A Creative Force
By author:
Charles Capps
Book Size: 4.25 X 7.0000
Book Type: Paperback
Page Count: 160
Price: $7.99

Description: With over 1 million copies sold, Tongue: A Creative Force is a classic book on the power of the spoken word. Charles Capps has influenced the lives of millions of Christians with his clear, concise teaching on the ability of the spoken word to change circumstances. What we say does matter, and does make a difference. Charles Capps teaches us how to agree with the Word of God, how to speak faith-filled words, and how to see our lives change in the process.
Equally appropriate for new and seasoned believers, this book can put you on the path to radical, positive change!
Words Are The Most Powerful Force In The Universe
The words you speak can cause you to experience freedom and increase, or cause you to live a life of bondage and lack. Most people do not realize the power of their tongue. It is the ultimate creative force, and this dynamic potential is inside of you.
In this landmark book by best-selling author, Charles Capps, you will discover the Biblical truths that clearly lay the foundation for the spiritual power of the tongue and your spoken words. The heavens and earth were created as God released His power by the spoken word. Man is created in the image of God and has been given that same power, but most people don't know how to activate it.
When you understand that the spoken Word of God is pure creative power, then you will begin to speak and pray with specific intent that is in-line with the Word of God. That is when you put yourself in a position to receive God's best for you.
His Word spoken from your mouth and conceived in your heart becomes the ultimate spiritual force that releases His ability and power within you. In this book, you will learn to speak God's faith-filled words into your situation and see your life radically changed. Learn how to activate the truths in this book, and it will bring healing and restoration to every area of your life.
Table of Contents
1. Words
2. Creative Power in You
3. Christian Sense
4. Establishing the Word of God
5. My Personal Fight of Faith
6. Watch Your Words
7. God's Word Is Truth
8. The Ability of the Tongue
9. God's Creative Power Will Work for You
God's Word is Medicine

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