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Isabella visits Heaven — June 21st 2018
Written by Isabella Busse – God and Heaven are for real!

Isabella Busse is a very special girl that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the last 10 years. I married Isabella’s mom’s cousin in 2005, and over the years I’ve gotten somewhat close with her entire family. They are great people. Every year they come to Florida from Germany to visit, and shortly after they got here this summer, I began hearing about a vision that Isabella had right before they came down. It was a vision that placed her whole family in awe and wonder. It was a vision that brought tremendous encouragement and comfort to them. It was a vision that I believed needed to be shared with the world and I believe as you read it, you will be encouraged. Why? Because if you are a born-again believer in Yeshua (Hebrew for Jesus) you will one day see what she saw! In person! Here’s her story: Chris Vercelli

On Thursday June 21st, 2018 my friends showed me a game they were playing in school in which spirits were involved. It was scary, but I was curious. Later, during break, I went to a place in school where there are many bushes and trees. It is a place where pupils can rest. In this place, I suddenly saw a man dressed in black. I was very afraid, so I ran and told it to my friends. While I was talking to them, another friend told us that she saw another man dressed in white, while another girl said she saw a guy in black and white. A boy, who did not see any of the things we had seen, went to our teacher and told her about it. Unfortunately, she did not believe anything we said, because she had seen us in the morning playing the game with the spirits. All this made me very afraid.

After school, I told all of this to my mom. She was not happy about it, and was very worried about me. Still she did not say a lot, because she knew I had to do my homework, eat and return to school to have Musical lessons. While in school, my friends told me about a game called “Granny”. So after Musical they tried to play the game. This made things worse. I was a mess.

After dinner, my mommy told the whole story to my dad and we were discussing the whole situation. They were upset and very worried. Mom told me that these kind of games open doors to the enemy. That is why she wanted us to pray together, so that I would feel better. I was feeling very bad. I was crying, my body was shaking and I was not recognizing the house I was in.

Although it is the place where we have been living the last 7 years. I had the feeling that something strange was happening to me, like I don’t belong here. Like I do not even belong to my class.

When my mom started praying, I was repeating every word she said, but actually, I was questioning why I had to believe in God, why I am alive and why my body was reacting so badly to all the things I saw and did during the day.

And as I closed my eyes, God took me to heaven.

This is what I saw: I was standing on a floor made of gold. The walls and everything around me, was pure gold. I was not sure of where I was, but since I had never seen anything as beautiful as this, I knew I was in heaven. It was a palace!

And I was burning. When I saw down to me feet, they were gone as they were on fire. I was in terrible pain. As I looked to my right, I saw God! I looked down to my feet again and they were there again! The fire was no longer hurting me. When God came closer, He touched the fire with His foot and the fire disappeared!

He then stood by my left and out of nowhere, He grabbed behind His back and took out a Shofar made out of gold. In the middle of the Shofar was the Lion of Judah! He was blowing the Shofar and suddenly to my right, Yeshua appeared! His hair was brown, a little curled. His eyes were green-blue. He was wearing a white dress and had a cloth on His shoulder which was a combination of red and blue. I was able to see where His wounds had been, but they were almost healed! I told Him that I had seen all the Superbook movies! ☺

This is exactly the Yeshua that I saw in Heaven:

The moment when God blew the Shofar, His angels appeared and built a circle around us. These angels were humming a melody. In their hands they were holding swords near their chests that were on fire, but their hands were not burning!

The angels then built two lines, looking face to face to each other. They lifted their swords on fire and formed a tunnel. I looked to God and asked Him if I could touch the Shofar and it felt very cold. I did not blow into it, out of respect and because I knew that this Shofar belonged to Him only! Not even Yeshua was allowed to blow it.

Suddenly, I noticed that I was dressed with a beautiful white dress. My hair was open, neat and very soft. I looked like a princess. I wasn’t wearing any shoes, as I was bear feet. Everyone in Heaven is bear feet.

God, Yeshua and I walked through the path the angels had formed for us.

At the end of this path, was the throne of God. The Throne was so beautiful. It was of pure gold, but the cushions where both sat and the cushions for their backs had a majestic red. The stile was also of gold and it had small David stars engraved. The crest rail of Gods Throne had a Lion wearing a crown and the crest rail of Yeshuas throne had also a Lion, but without the crown.

God and Yeshua took their places on the Throne. Suddenly, Yeshua called me with His hand, so that I could come closer and sit on His lap. I looked at the angel that was on my left side, and he smiled at me. Then I sat on Yeshuas lap. He took my right hand and held it. My left hand was on top of a Book that was between both thrones. In that moment, a blue oil started flowing out of Yeshuas hand and it went up my right arm, up to my head and covered all of my body. I stood up and God called me the same way Yeshua did with His hands, so that I could come closer to Him and sit on His lap too. This time, I sat on God’s lap. He took my left hand and placed my right hand on the same book.

Then I looked to my left and saw a small olive tree and somehow I had the feeling that every time God touched this tree, it would grow bigger and bigger. At that moment golden oil started flowing out of God, running up my arm and covering my entire body. My heart was pounding out of joy strongly.

A little further away I suddenly saw a window, and I asked God if I could go to the window to take a look outside. He didn’t give me an answer, and I looked up to see if He was ok with it. I couldn’t see His face, because He was HUGE! He let my hand go, so I assumed that it was a Yes.

Then I walked to the window and the view was so beautiful. The whole landscape was astonishing. The grass was juicy green and the river was as blue as the heaven. I saw lions and horses. There weren’t as many other animals that we are used to see, but I noticed that there were many baby lambs!

Through this window, I saw a little girl playing with a little dog and a little boy. She looked very familiar and was between 3 and 4 years old. She was absolutely beautiful and very happy. In Heaven, I never saw sad people and no one was crying. I found that very comforting. The little girl had eyes like my daddys and her hair was similar to my sisters hair, just a little longer, straight and thick like mine. She was wearing a light pink skirt and a pink shirt, which had a B stitched on the top left side. The B represents my last name, which is Busse. She was also wearing tiny earrings, which you could barely see. But in Heaven, my eyes were so good, that I was able to recognize that they were little Bs too.

While she was playing with the dog and the little boy, she fell on the floor and the boy helped her up. She was immediately smiling again. Then she said to the boy: I AM FINE in Hebrew, because in heaven, there is only ONE language.

This little girl was my little sister, who died a couple of years ago in my mothers womb. When my mommy lost the baby, she did not know it was a girl, because my mom lost her very early. I do not know why, but I named her Louisa. I felt this strongly in my heart. The name’s meaning is: WARRIOR.

Afterwards, I was standing under an enormous golden gate and above the gate was also a lion made out of gold. I saw a grandmother and I immediately knew that it was my mothers grandmother. She looked at me with a beautiful smile and she was very happy. I think she knew exactly who I was and that we were family. Behind her, was an angel taking care of her.

I also saw a tree, and behind that tree was my mom’s grandfather. I never met him in person, because he died long before I was born. That is why I did not know it was my great grandfather at the beginning. The only thing I could do is remember him the way I saw him in Heaven: he was tall and had a mustache. Later, when my mommy showed me a picture of him, I realized who he was. Near the tree where my great grandfather was, was another angel, taking care of him.

Then I stood near a Lion. The lion and I looked each other in the eyes, and I knew immediately that when I go to Heaven, I will be in good hands! This impressive moment while I was in Heaven, felt as if I had been there for hours, but actually, it was only one second! I opened my eyes and I was home again!

All the time, while I was in Heaven, while in God’s Throne, or in the garden, God and Yeshua were with me all the time. They NEVER left my side and they guarded me as if I was a great treasure.


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